La Bomba Espresso Blend Coffee 250gm


Coffee and cycling are synonymous. Whether its a shot of espresso before you head out for a ride or a warming latté once you return, coffee is a cyclists friend. La Bomba is an espresso coffee blend with a rich body and toffee sweetness, to be enjoyed as either a bold espresso or as an excellent filter coffee. La Bomba is available in both whole bean or pre-ground.

Our espresso blend honours the great Fausto Coppi. La Bomba is a cycling term made famous during the 1940's, the era of Il Campionissimo. 'La Bomba' was a cocktail of caffeine, cola and amphetamines widely used by the peloton during this time. Coppi referred to his 'La Bomba' as a spare pair of legs. Tranquillo's La Bomba is no such cocktail. It's coffee pure and simple. Coffee respectfully sourced direct from the farms and roasted in Tranquillo's home city of Leicester. It may, just may however, give you a spare pair of legs too.

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