Tranquillo is an Italian word with a multitude of meanings.  Firstly, it literally means peaceful, calm, tranquil.  Secondly, it's an everyday term used to say 'don't worry' or 'no bother'. But for cyclists it perfectly describes a snapshot in time... the relaxing moments that the peloton enjoys before the real racing starts.  The time when riders can look up and appreciate the beauty in their surroundings. The moments when they can chat and share a joke with each other.  These fleeting moments are scarce and therefore highly valued.  Cycling is a hard sport for hard sportspeople.  It requires total sacrifice and frequent suffering.  No wonder cyclists enjoy their brief moments of tranquillo.

For us, it doesn't matter what kind of bike rider you are - pro cyclist, commuter, weekend cafe racer.  We think cycling is the most beautiful sport in the world and we want to spread the word.  We want to encourage more people to ride bikes and more councils and governments to make it a safe environment to do so.  We want to sell the benefits of cycling - adventure, freedom, and sustainability.  Everyone has a part to play.  Join us.